Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Millennials Role on Growing Multi-family Investments in Anchorage, AK

An Anchorage commercial real estate expert theorizes that millennials have had learned about the challenges associated with owning real estate through their own parent’s experiences. The recession, bank foreclosure, and all other problems accompanying the failures on securing house financing has lead many of them to think that owning a home isn’t as important as it once seemed. Millennials also tend to delay marriage and family life longer than previous generations. They are more career-focused and are enjoying the many perks of bachelorhood such as fewer responsibilities, less mouths to feed, less worries, and living more comfortably. Without a family, they don’t have problems living in a smaller space which is enough to house their basic needs.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Anchorage, AK Warehouses for Sale: Why Buying is better than Leasing?

You need a facility to house the operations of your Anchorage business. The question now is whether to buy or lease. In the end, the venture could be worth its cost in capital outlay—and a lot will depend on how well you weigh the pros and cons between buying and leasing. Here are some reasons why buying warehouses for sale in Anchorage, AK might be better than leasing. It gives a long-term cost advantage. Leasing may seem more manageable in the early years. But if you intend to stay put and you compute the overall cost, including the interests, you’ll find that buying the property could be more cost-efficient. In addition, long-term mortgage offers a more predictable and clearer cost, which is ideal for your cash flow. Leasing, on the other hand, often includes variable charges and is likely to increase upon contract renewal.